Oracle 11 DB für SAP Solution Manager Installation

Die Datenbank via SWPM 700 installieren.

user: "sapadm" via Yast anlegen 

SWPN 700 -> SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Support Release 1 -> SAP Systems -> Oracle -> Distributed system -> Based on AS ABAP and AS Java -> Database Instance
Wizard folgen:
	Kernel NW 7.20 / 7.21
	Profile Directroy angeben
	Pass: Test1234
	SAP System Administrator -> default
	SAP System Domain Name -> FQDN deactivate
	Database Identification
		Single Instance on Filesystem
	Ins Exp 1
	Ins Exp 2
	Java Comp.
	Database Server and Client
		DB Version 112
		DB Client Version 112
	DB Home: /oracle/AL2/112_64
	Database Administrator (OS User) -> default
	Instance Memory -> default
	Oracle Database Users -> default
	Oracle RDBMS 112
	Oracle Listener Configuration -> default
	General Load Parameters -> default
	Secure Store Settings -> default
	At Import End
		Create statistics für ABAP und Java
	Oracle Client 11.2
	SAP System Archives -> default
	Nach einiger Zeit wird man aufgefordert die Oracle DB zu installieren:

"su - oraal2"
ggf. DISPLAY anpassen
"cd /oracle/stage/112_64/database/SAP"
	Wizard folgen
		keine eMail angeben
		skip software updates
		Install database software only
		Single Instcane database installation
		language: english
		Enterprise edition
		Oracle Base: /oracle/AL2 ????
		Software location: /oracle/AL2/11204
		Inventroy Directory: /oracle/oraInventory
			Group: dba
		Database Administrator Group: dba
		Database Operator Group: oper
		Ignore all warning bei pre req check
			Fix & Check Again
		Next Install
	Installation läuft dann Problemlos durch
	<html> <head> </head> <body> <p> An error occurred while processing option <i>SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Support Release 1 > SAP Systems > Oracle > Distributed System > Based on AS ABAP and AS Java > Database Instance( Last error reported by the step: <html>Installation of SAP Host Agent using command <em>/tmp/sapinst_instdir/SOLMAN71/SYSTEM/ORA/DISTRIBUTED/AS/DB/hostagent/saphostexec -upgrade</em> failed with return value 255. Output was:<br>
	Upgrade service
	[ERROR] Get id of user sapadm failed.
	(Success)</html>)</i>. You can now: </p> <ul> <li> Choose <i>Retry</i><br>to repeat the current step. </li> <li> Choose <i>Log Files</i><br>to get more information about the error. </li> <li> Stop the option and continue later. </li> </ul> <p> Log files are written to /tmp/sapinst_instdir/SOLMAN71/SYSTEM/ORA/DISTRIBUTED/AS/DB. </p> </body></html>
	user: "sapadm" via Yast anlegen 

	Error in invoking target 'agent nmhs' of makefile '/oracle/AL2/11204/sysman/lib/'. See '/oracle/oraInventory/logs/installActions2016-01-07_02-11-05PM.log' for details.
	"vi /oracle/AL2/11204/sysman/lib/" ->
		von "$(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL)" nach "$(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL) -lnnz11" ändern

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